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  • How to capture the cosmic diversity that is coming

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    Ms. Yasuko Fukushima, Japan


    Mr. Taichi Yamazaki, Japan, ASTRAX, Inc.



    The coming of the space age, each individual's differences are interesting and good. It is natural to acknowledge differences and coexist, and we all understand and do such things. However, even in this day and age, do we really understand the discrimination and mutual understanding that people have towards others? Why do wars happen, why do fights happen, why do people get angry, why do we get frustrated? This is because there are various thoughts, feelings, and behavioral habits of different people. In space, we will coexist with a variety of things and people. Not only on Earth, but there may be guests from other planets as well. At such times, human beings should be aware that their own common sense may become insane, and in order to develop together in the space environment, it is essential to think and act in a way that accepts all things. This paper proposes how to achieve space diversity and promote the development of a new space age.
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