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  • 9. Space Culture – Public Engagement in Space through Culture


    1. Addressing diversity and inclusion at the Italian Space Agency

    2. Astrostays: Creating livelihood based opportunities through astronomy based tourism.

    3. On images of the universe influenced by manga and anime

    4. Developing an Anti-Colonial Practice: Moving from Conversation to Structural and Institutional Change within the Space Community

    5. Space Culture and Space Philosophy

    6. Mending the Ancient feud between Religion and Space

    7. How to Go to Space with Different Hairstyles

    8. Imagining Lunar Denizens: Collaborative Creation of a Space Future

    9. inclusion of indigenous peoples in aerospace technologies.

    10. The value of human patrimony: a 100% inclusive vision

    11. Diversity for a Sustainable Space Future – Opportunities and Challenges for promoting diversity through mentorship in the space sector

    12. Ingenious Space-based Hands-on learning tools to provide Space System Engineering Knowledge

    13. Inspiring diverse audiences to Earth and Space sciences through Native American Culture

    14. Interculturality within Project Polaris

    16. Interplanetary Marxism and the 4th International - Posadist

    17. Learning about Space Exploration Research through Cinema: The New Space Film Festival at Harvard & MIT

    18. Possibility of zero-gravity flight and space flight by people with disabilities

    19. The Astronaut Ethnography Web Project: Insights from First-Person Accounts of Space

    20. The Moonshot Project: Space Education Through the Medium of Tabletop Gaming

    21. Title: indigenous community in the space sector Names: KAREN ALONDRA GUERRERO BO0RBOA / LUZ MIRANDA ATILANO HERRERA

    22. How to capture the cosmic diversity that is coming

    23. ‘The Astronaut Mentality Series’: Reimagining On-Site Community Engagement and Outreach Through Online Interactive Webinars in the Era of COVID-19