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  • The value of human patrimony: a 100% inclusive vision

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    Mr. Adriano V. Autino, Italy, Space Renaissance International


    Dr. Niamh Shaw, Ireland


    Prof. Bernard Foing, The Netherlands, ILEWG "EuroMoonMars"


    Mr. Cole Armagost, France, Space Renaissance International


    Mrs. MARIA MOUKARZEL, France, Space Renaissance International


    Dr. Marie-Luise Heuser, Germany, Space Renaissance International


    Dr. Julio Rezende, Brazil, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)



    This paper proposes the key concepts of cosmic humanism, the space renaissance philosophy. The focus is the real cultural value of human patrimony, discussed from different points of view, i.e. demographic, ethics, evolutionary. The great variety of human attitudes (S. Wolfe) and types of intelligences (H. Gardner) is analyzed, to provide a practical view of the immense richness of human types, and why it is interest of the civilization to preserve the whole human population, against the multiple crises of the current age. The hierarchical pyramid of needs (A. Maslow) is then shown, in relation to the great richness of the human patrimony, to demonstrate that expanding civilization into space is the only direction to be urgently undertaken, in order to give birth to a modern feasible utopia: a 100% socially inclusive civilization, giving to each and all the citizens the possibility to reach the highest goals of the Maslow’s pyramid (and not only the lowest ones). 
    The paper also recalls the K. A. Ehricke’s history of life evolution, to target the next step of “life industrialization”, in our range: becoming a Solar Civilization, capable of exploiting the resources and the energy of our Solar System -- a type II civilization, according to the Kardashev classification.
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