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  • Mending the Ancient feud between Religion and Space

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    Ms. Kapule Gray, United States, National Space Society



    Using Ben R. Finney’s Space Migrations: Anthropology and the Humanization of Space  as a blueprint, I addressed the following questions: How religion influence public support of space exploration? What is the effect? 
    Generally, religion has been opposed to science and knowledge which constitute the core of space endeavors. Instead of emphasizing the fundamental scientific similarities between the two historic foes, society continues to draw sharp distinctions. Humanization of space is a reality. If sharp division continues, cultural diversity within these celestial communities will decrease. The disparity highlights a significant gap in space outreach initiatives. I propose it is time to mend the ancient feud by implementing educational programs that discuss the interconnectedness of space and religion. Once humanity acknowledges the interconnectedness of religion and science, the distinguishing terms used to describe and explain concepts in religion and/or science will appear analogous. For example, spirituality is extremely popular among all age groups, and people flood social media with discussions of physics, biology, and chemistry under the broad topic of spirituality. We should be at the trailblazers of the movement.
    First, we should broadcast research pertaining to the interrelationships of space and religion through websites, agencies, and institutions. We should capitalize of TikTok and Podcasts and discuss the findings. Some topics include: Are Angels extraterrestrial? Is there a difference between making donations to religious institutions to fund construction or promote religious communities on Earth verses funding space exploration and travel? I do not believe there is a difference. In fact, I believe funding space endeavors is more logical. Currently, individuals habitually donate and fundraise in the name of their religious institutions and beliefs. Further contributing to concepts and ideals that man deemed important. Why not channel the same enthusiasm and support toward understanding and exploring the heavens and all its wonders first-hand?
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