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  • How to Go to Space with Different Hairstyles

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    Mrs. Mika Islam, Japan


    Mr. Taichi Yamazaki, Japan, ASTRAX, Inc.



    It is the beginning of a new space travel era. 
    If you look at images of the International Space Station, you will see that the astronauts all have the same hairstyle. When a civilian goes on a space trip, he or she may want to have a free haircut, such as a bob or a Mohawk, instead of a uniform haircut. 
    However, it would be difficult to create a variety of hairstyles with the suction-type hair clippers currently used at the ISS. 
    If there would be dedicated hairstylists in space, just as there would be dedicated hairstylists on  a luxury cruise ship, it would be possible to create a variety of hairstyles for different kinds of occasions and unique hairstyles in space. 
    Alternatively, I think it is important to come up with tools that allow anyone to cut and style hair as freely and delicately as a hairdresser. 
    In this paper, I would like to present the results of analyzing hairstyles of people who participated in the zero-gravity experiment, and discuss how to realize various hairstyles and items in space travel.
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