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  • On images of the universe influenced by manga and anime

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    Ms. Chikako Murayama, Japan


    Mr. Taichi Yamazaki, Japan, ASTRAX, Inc.



    Manga and anime set in space have long been loved by people all over the world. However, most of them contain many scenes of "battle". In Japanese anime, Gundam, Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and other very popular anime also have battle scenes. Why are there so many battle scenes when it’s about space? If you are going to live in space in the future, it is more important to cooperate with other people than to fight. Battle scenes may be cool, but when we think about living in space in the future, we need to imagine space life in a fun way. In this paper, we analyze the ratio of battle scenes and peaceful scenes in Japanese manga and anime when they are set in space. Based on this, I summarized what kind of themes we need today. We are conducting this survey with the hope that more people will think that the earth is peaceful today, even if only a little.
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