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  • The Moonshot Project: Space Education Through the Medium of Tabletop Gaming

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    Ms. Dorottya Milánkovich, Hungary


    Mr. Balazs Horvath, Hungary



    The presentation will focus on the special form of scientific knowledge dissemination which is carried out with our space themed board game called Moonshot: The Next Giant Leap. The advantages of an innovative gameplay solution, as well as a highly interactive game setting will be highlighted. The unique game mechanism inspired by the complex processes in the managerial and technical side of a space program will be also described, which leads to the experiential learning during the play. Moreover, the historical aspect of the game will be shown, which provides information about the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union and the key events from the dawn of the space age until the Moon landing. 
    Details will be revealed about the events where the game was presented such as exhibitions, board game testing events, space camps, and the related Kickstarter campaign. The age distribution of the target and the reached audience will be elaborated. We also collect and present the overall experience from the players who have tried the board game and enjoyed the participation in their own space project. The applicability of this education method, the key takeaways from the board game development to the market launch, and the options for the continuation of the project will be discussed.
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