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    This symposium focuses on space missions which deal with collecting information about the Earth and its environment. Session topics deal with all aspects of Earth observation missions including the policy and infrastructure of international cooperation and coordination, the emergence of commercial systems to satisfy market needs, the technical descriptions of new missions and sensors to be used, data processing and GIS, environmental applications and global change studies and the use of space-based technologies.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Mr. Pierre Ranzoli, EUMETSAT, Germany;

    • Coordinator: Mr. John Hussey, Consultant, United States;





    1. International Cooperation in Earth Observation Missions

    2015-10-12 15:15

    Eshkol 3 (ICC, lower level)

    2. Future Earth Observation Systems

    2015-10-13 09:45

    Eshkol 3 (ICC, lower level)

    3. Earth Observation Sensors and Technology

    2015-10-14 09:45

    Eshkol 3 (ICC, lower level)

    4. Earth Observation Data Management Systems

    2015-10-15 09:45

    Eshkol 3 (ICC, lower level)

    5. Earth Observation Applications and Economic Benefits

    2015-10-15 14:45

    Eshkol 3 (ICC, lower level)

    6. Water resources management

    2015-10-16 09:45

    Eshkol 3 (ICC, lower level)

    IP. Interactive Presentations

    2015-10-14 13:15