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    Space systems are more and more involved in the delivery of global utilitarian services to end-users. The concept of Integrated Applications encompasses the simultaneous use of basic space services and technologies. This symposium will address various aspects of integrated applications. Integrated applications combine different space systems (Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications, etc) with airborne and ground-based systems to deliver solutions to local, national and global needs. They exploit the synergies between different data sources to provide the right information at the right time to the right user in a cost-effective manner and deliver the data to users in a readily usable form. The goal of the symposium is to enable the development of end-to-end solutions by connecting the communities that are driving toward end-to-end solutions with those that are developing enabling technologies for integrated applications. For the purposes related to the small satellites, please refer also to the session B4.4. For issues related to integrated sensor systems featuring for instance cross-platform compatibility, please direct contributions to session B4.7.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Dr. Larry Paxton, The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, United States;

    • Coordinator: Ms. Roberta Mugellesi-Dow, European Space Agency (ESA), United Kingdom;





    1. Tools and Technology in Support of Integrated Applications

    2017-09-29 09:00

    Meeting Room L3

    2. Integrated Applications End-to-End Solutions

    2017-09-28 14:45

    Meeting Room L3