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    The symposium, organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), invites papers on all aspects of on-going and planned human spaceflight including the design, development, operations, utilization and future plans of space missions involving humans. The scope covers past, present and planned space missions and programmes in LEO and beyond, both governmental and private. The Human Spaceflight Symposium will also feature discussions on preparations for the launch of new human spaceflight capabilities and collaborative efforts of human and robotic systems and technologies.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Mr. Kevin D. Foley, The Boeing Company, United States;

    • Coordinator: Dr. Igor V. Sorokin, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Russian Federation;

    • Coordinator: Mr. Peter Batenburg, Netherlands Space Society (NVR), The Netherlands;





    1. Governmental Human Spaceflight Programmes (Overview)

    2023-10-02 15:15

    BCC A7

    2. Commercial Human Spaceflight Programmes

    2023-10-03 10:15

    BCC A7

    3. Utilization & Exploitation of Human Spaceflight Systems

    2023-10-03 15:00

    BCC A7

    4-B6.4. Flight & Ground Operations aspects of Human Spaceflight - Joint Session of the IAF Human Spaceflight and IAF Space Operations Symposia

    2023-10-04 10:15

    BCC A7

    5. Astronaut Training, Accommodation, and Operations in Space

    2023-10-04 15:00

    BCC A7

    6-A5.3. Human and Robotic Partnerships in Exploration - Joint session of the IAF Human Spaceflight and IAF Exploration Symposia

    2023-10-05 10:15

    BCC A7

    7. Advanced Systems, Technologies, and Innovations for Human Spaceflight

    2023-10-05 15:00

    BCC A7

    8. Human Space & Exploration

    2023-10-06 10:15

    BCC A7

    9-GTS.2. Human Spaceflight Global Technical Session

    2023-10-06 13:45

    BCC B5

    IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT SYMPOSIUM

    IPB. Interactive Presentations - IAF HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT SYMPOSIUM

    LBA. Late Breaking Abstracts (LBA)