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    The 2023 IISL Colloquium focuses on how the latest technological developments are impacting the development of the law of outer space, and on whether space law should embrace new fields of activities, such as cyber, within its scope. The Colloquium looks at current discussions about questions related to the ethics and understanding of what is meant by treaty law terms freedom of exploration and use. It examines how space situational awareness (SSA), space surveillance and tracking (SST) can be integrated as elements within a greater framework for effective space traffic management. It serves as a forum to discuss developments of national space law as a constitutive element of the overall framework of space law enforcing and detailing the principles and general norms of space law, in particular within the field of security. It looks at whether existing legal concepts, particularly responsibility and liability for autonomous systems driven by artificial intelligence, are sufficiently regulated, and whether there is a homogenous approach to licensing at national level. It also provides insights as to how disruptive NewSpace activities can and should be accommodated by space law.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Prof. Lesley Jane Smith, Leuphana University of Lüneburg/Weber-Steinhaus & Smith, Germany;

    • Coordinator: Dr. Catherine Doldirina, International Institute of Space Law (IISL), Italy;

    • Coordinator: Dr. Tanja Masson-Zwaan, International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University, The Netherlands;





    1. Young Scholars Session with Keynote Lecture

    2. UNCOPUOS and ITU Registration of Large Constellations

    3. Legal Issues Relating to Emerging Space Activities on Celestial Bodies

    4. Key Governance Issues in the New Space Age

    5. Supervision of Space Activities

    6-E3.5. 37th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable: "Space Launch from Celestial Bodies: Technology, Law and Policy"

    7. Recent Developments in Space Law with Particular Focus on Space Debris Remediation

    IP. Interactive Presentations - IISL COLLOQUIUM ON THE LAW OF OUTER SPACE