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  • 2. Attracting Private Investment


    1. Innovation Partnerships: Startup and Established Company Cooperation

    2. Introduction of the AIAA Commercial Space Group

    3. Local and Global Representation of Space Industry Participants

    4. China’s Space Markets Through a New Lens

    5. forecast and analyze on the scale and structure of the space industry in the next decade

    6. space business; leaders in space should "walk the walk not just talk the talk"

    7. An analysis of the space technology market structure dynamic in the context of the actual global crisis

    8. Space technology innovative solution to increase the scope of sustainable business and market development in commercial and civilian domain.

    9. Profiting on the "Margins": Investing in enabling technologies for long-term space infrastructure development.

    10. Spaceport Development Synergies with Terrestrial Mass-Market Space Themed Tourist Attractions

    11. The Application of Incentive Prizes

    12. Clue to attract private investments

    13. Shareholder value considerations for space industry investments

    14. Synergic Financing Strategies for Investments in Space Technology in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis