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  • 1. Attitude Control, Sensors and Actuators


    1. Spacecraft Fine Tracking Pointing Using Control

    2. Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Verification of Pointing Control Technology in Balloon-Borne Telescope System for Optical Remote Sensing of Planets

    3. Attitude and Orbit Control System For a high resolution Cartosat-2 Spacecraft

    4. Development of Attitude Determination and Control System of Tokyo Tech Nano-Satellite, Cute-1.7 + APD II

    5. A Simple Pico-Satellite 3-Axis Earth Pointing Controller

    6. Attitude Control Schemes for the First Recovery Mission of India

    7. Planck AOCS: Precise On-Board control for slowly spinning SC

    8. ARGO Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem

    9. Synthesis of Optimal Control Strategy by Damping a Vibration of Earth Flexible Satellite with a Gravity-Gradient Stabilization with Information Constraints

    10. Satellite Active Magnetic Attitude Control System in Safe Hold Mode