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  • Remote Sensing in an Era of Global Warming

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    Prof. Carl Q. Christol, United States



    On February 5, 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.), a joint venture of the United Nations Environment Program (U.N.E.P.) and the World Meteorological Organization (W.M.O.) released its Fourth Assessment Report on the state of the climate. Like earlier reports, issued every 4-5 years, the 2007 Report was vetted by thousands of independent scientists, as well as by national representatives of  the W.M.O.’s 190 participating countries.
    	Since the creation of the I.P.C.C. in 1988 there have been a number of improvements in satellite and in-situ data acquisition processes. More efficient and extensive means have been developed for the sharing of raw data and analyzed information.
    	The 2007 Report dealt, among other things, with the rate of sea level rise and surface and atmospheric climate change. Depending on whether the subject measured was an earlier trend, e.g, post 1960, the likelihood of human contributions, or a future trend, it was concluded that the outcome was “very likely,” “likely,” or  “virtually certain.” In 2007 a higher degree of certainty regarding climate change was recorded than in prior years. Specifics will be provided in the body of the paper.
    	The trends have been assessed by insurance companies doing business in coastal areas and where hurricanes and accompanying winds and flooding have caused heavy losses in life and in tangible property. The ramifications are also detailed below.
    	Reference will also be made to the role of specialized international intergovernmental organizations engaged in disseminating weather and climate information and engaged in mitigating the harms resulting from natural or technological disasters.
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