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  • 4. Legal Aspects of Satellite Applications: Navigation and Remote Sensing


    1. GNSS and Principle of Non-Appropriation of Outer Space

    2. Global Positioning System

    3. Satellite Navigation, the Best Tools, the Most Concern, in Developing Countries

    4. Legal Aspects Relating to Satellite Navigation in Air Traffic Mangement with Specific Reference to GAGAN in India

    5. Where is Paradise? The EU's Navigation System Galileo -Some Comments on Inherent Risks (or Paradise Lost)

    6. Hosting Galileo Ground Stations – Liability and Responsibility Issues under Space Law

    7. The Land Remote Sensing Laws and Policies of National Governments: A Global Survey

    8. The UN Principles on Remote Sensing and the GATS: Conflicts or peaceful co-existence?

    9. Satellite Data Dissemination Policy and International Security

    10. Keeping Up with Remote Sensing and GI Advances—Policy and Legal

    11. Remote Sensing in an Era of Global Warming

    12. Regulation of Private Satellite Remote Sensing in Canada

    13. Regulating Remote Sensing Space Systems in Canada – New Legislation for a New Era

    14. Germany Enacts Legislation on the Distribution of Remote Sensing Satellite Data