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  • 2. Quality and Knowledge Management in Aerospace Companies


    1. Status of working group on knowledge management for space systems

    2. Enabling Innovation and Collaboration Across Geography and Culture: A Case Study of NASA's Systems Engineering Community of Practice

    3. Applying Knowledge Management to an Organizational Transformation

    4. Driving Knowledge Management and Innovation at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

    5. Critical Success Factors required for Knowledge Management and Collaboration

    6. Knowledge Management for ESA’s Rosetta Mission

    8. A pragmatic Approach for Knowledge Management

    9. International Knowledge Transfer - an engineering perspective

    10. studying the role of narrative across aerospace knowledge management systems

    11. Software Dependability \& Safety

    12. Experience In Making An Analysis Of Safety and Fail-Safety Of “Proton” Launcher During Satellite Orbital Injection

    13. information modeling of spacecraft failure diagnosis system based on integrated space-ground conception