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  • 3. Advanced Technologies for Space Communications and Navigation


    1. SpaceFibre: Multi-Gbits/s Network for Spaceflight Applications

    2. Design approaches for Interstellar Communication

    3. Progresses in the Frequency Reuse Optimisation: innovative approaches and perspectives

    4. Applicability of free space laser communications for micro-satellites in direct and inter-satellite link scenarios

    5. Malaysia National Communication Satellite Development Program

    6. Integrating planar antennas and solar cells into the olfar satellites

    7. Laser communication experiments with ARTEMIS satellite

    8. Improvement of information latency in EO-Missions with the use of hybrid Laser/RF systems

    9. visible light communications on spacecraft

    10. The Progress of Software Defined Radio Technology for Space Communication

    11. design of reconfigurable reflectarray antenna with sum/difference beam patterns

    12. Simulation and Verification Platform Design and Analysis of China Compass Navigation

    13. Satellite Communication System adopts CDMA-OFDM Signaling

    14. Study on low earth orbit spacecraft high reliability and high precision positioning technology based on gnss