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  • 5. Learning and Knowledge Development for a Globally Sophisticated Workforce


    1. Analysis of Global Space Workforce and Education

    2. Comparative Profiling of the Globalized Space-Skilled Workforce Pool

    3. Developing the Next Generation Workforce: Findings and Next Steps from the IPMC International Young Professionals Workshop

    4. Motivation Factors for Young Professionals in the Aerospace Industry: Detailed Summary of the Motivation Group from 2012 International Program/Project Management Committee Young Professional Workshop

    5. Understanding how Human Resource Policies Influence the Career Progressions of NASA’s Technical Workforce

    6. The ESA Young Graduate Trainee Experience – a tadpole in the space community pond!

    7. introduction to venezuelan remote sensing satellite training

    8. Establishment of a Multi-National University Effort to Promote International Cooperation and Develop the Future Space Workforce

    9. preparing for global collaboration - nasa’s international project management course

    10. Using transformational leadership to achieve excellence in multi-cultural project management

    11. the ideal project team: a dual perspective on university learning objectives and employee requirements in the space sector