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    1. space education and their impact on school children in nepal.

    2. Roadmap to Space Robotics

    3. High school students developing a nano satellite - Team building, educational goals, infrastructure and lessons learned

    4. Pre-College Saturday Research Academy at Arecibo Observatory

    5. Development of Space Activity in South Africa and its Effect on the South African Population

    6. Space Education at High School Level for Advancement of Science and Technology of Mankind and Challenges of Space Education in 21st Century

    7. OpenOrbiter: Analysis of a Student-Run Space Program

    8. ARLISS’s Contribution to Space Education - International Cansat Competition

    9. The Mode of the Space Outreach to the Chinese General Public

    10. Create Space on Earth: Leverage the Proximity Factor

    11. Using the advantage of Space Technology to Promote Social and Economic Progresses ——Introduction and Reflection of China’s Practices of Using Space Technology in Public Welfare and Social Services

    12. A challenging approach of space civil utilization to feel One-Earth

    13. Spaceship Design: A Subject within Interdisciplinary Design Curriculum

    14. Consciousness surveys concerning Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa” (Conplete)

    15. Navigating the contested spaces of Space Science and technology in India

    16. Launch Sustainability Forums Carve Niche Audiences