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    1. Spacecraft piloting performance assessment – A computational evaluation methodology for the SIMSKILL Experiment

    2. Manned expedition to Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos 2022

    3. A New Vision: Re-purposing the ISS to further humanity's progress in space beyond 2024

    4. The Italian possible participation in the NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM): an update

    5. A deeper insight into the psychological challenges of human spaceflight - the role of universal psychological needs

    6. Recent developments on DLR’s Post-ISS concept

    7. Free Space Optical Communication System for Extreme Environment Exploration Analogues

    8. Imagination and Space Exploration

    9. Development prospects of suborbital space tourism

    10. Multisensory Technology in Space Exploration

    11. Anthropomorphic Robots for Cosmonauts Support on Space Stations And Space Exploration Applying Prospects

    12. Planning and Scheduling for the Poland Mars Analogue Simulation- PMAS 2017

    13. Operational Lessons Learned From Human-Robotic Partnership in Exogeology Analog Extravehicular Activity Simulation at Eifel Volcanic Region: ILEWG Euromoonmars

    14. Human robotic partnership investigations during December 2016 ILEWG EuroMoonMars simulation campaign in Eifel volcanic area

    15. The Realities of Human Operations in Deep Space

    16. Path Planning for Free-floating Space Robot Based on MPSP Algorithm