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    1. Effect of high energy materials on performance of solid rocket motor for space missions

    2. terminal sliding mode control of payload re-entry using momentum exchange tether system

    3. The German Contribution to the Development of Ariane 6

    4. a new three-stage-to-orbit concept utilizing rbcc propulsion technology

    5. Fully Reusable Two Stage to Orbit Conceptual Vehicle Design

    6. Comprehensive methodology for technology roadmaps generation and update for the European hypersonic and re-entry space transportation scenario

    7. The Critical Technologies and Applications on Advanced Upper Stage Vehicles

    8. The General Discussion on Thermal Technologies in Advanced Space Transfer Vehicles

    9. An Investigation on the staging aerodynamics of a Two-Stage-To-Orbital Vehicle Powered by RBCC Engine

    10. The Orbital Tether Concept for Efficient Space Access

    11. Parameter Optimization of Lunar Space Elevator Transportation System Based on Comprehensive Evaluation Method

    12. Flight Trajectory Analysis on Advanced Morphing Space Transportation System for Wider Cross Range and Down Range with Trimmed Flight

    13. Massdriver Capabilities of the Bodies of the Solarsystem

    14. The Design of TSTO Air-Breathing Launch Vehicle Trajectory

    15. Research on a new concept first stage of TSTO launch vehicle configuration

    16. Multiconditional load variable area nose (MCL-VAN)

    17. Technical Capabilities of Chinese Launch Vehicles

    18. Breaking New Grounds and Records: New Methodologies and practical applications in the convergence of aerospike motors and oceanic launch vehicles

    19. Demise Observation Capsule: Progress update

    20. sending a deep space probe for interstellar exploration

    21. Launch platform and Meteorology for COBO project

    22. Italian Contribution to the ESA Ministerial Conference 2016: next generation of the European VEGA launcher for new green and reusable space missions

    23. orbital transfer performance and mission applicability analysis for bare electrodynamic tethered spacecraft