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  • 1. 20th Workshop on Small Satellite Programmes at the Service of Developing Countries


    1. Journey of a Korean Small Satellite Company: from Space Technology Recipient to Donor

    2. Small satellites in support of the Outer Space Treaty and Human Rights protection in Emerging countries

    3. Maximizing the benefits of Small Satellite programs in Africa

    4. egypt's historical role in the advancement of space sciences and an audacious roadmap for the future of the egyptian space program despite major setbacks

    6. Technology transfer and capacity building for Colombia’s space program by means of small satellites.

    7. the impact of the sudanese 1st cubesat project, kn-sat1

    8. Study and selection of satellite images of nano satellites for the agricultural field in Bolivia

    9. 1KUNS-PF after one year of flight: new results for the IKUNS programme

    10. Overview of Past, Present and Future Brazilian Small Satellites missions

    11. Implementing small satellite technologies to formulate industrial policy in Latin America region based in the UN-Agenda 2030.

    12. The development of a smallsat platform for IR earth observation for civil users in Mexico

    13. Morazán MRZ-SAT CubeSat project for integration of the Central American Nations through collaboration in Space

    14. An Inspiring Earth Observation Mission of Turkey, GÖKTÜRK-2; New Opportunity for Space Application Community

    19. How seven emerging nations entered the space age via BIRDS Projects 1 through 4

    20. The Role of CubeSats Programs in Workforce Development for Developing Countries

    21. Small spacecraft earth observing missions for natural capital assessment