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  • The Exo-Brake as an Inexpensive Means of Achieving Targeted De-orbit from Low Earth Orbit – Recent Flight Experience and Future Applications

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    Mr. Marcus Murbach, United States, NASA



    The Exo-Brake is a simple, non-propulsive means of de-orbiting small payloads from orbital platforms such as the International Space Station (ISS).  Recent flight experiments involving the TechEdSat (TES) 6, 7, 8 nano-satellites are discussed in terms of both ‘targeted’ and ‘disposal’ de-orbit techniques.  The effort builds on the previous flight experiments with fixed Exo-Brake surface areas and is now extended to changing the ballistic coefficient at will.  In addition, innovations involving improved uplink/downlink communication and GPS for improved targeting control are incorporated. The different targeting approaches are outlined - which will eventually be imbedded on future nano-satellite for autonomous de-orbit and recovery.   The extension of the concept to a 1-stage, multi-stage, and lifting entry sample return system is discussed.
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