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  • 6A. Generic Technologies for Small/Micro Platforms


    1. The QUEEN mission to demonstrate an optical Rb frequency reference payload and advanced small satellite platform technology

    2. Demonstration of Aerodynamic Control Manoeuvres in Very Low Earth Orbit using SOAR (Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research)

    3. Novel Phase Change Material Composite for Sustainable Smallsat Thermal Management

    4. ADCS conceptual design for GoSolAr demonstrator mission.

    5. Multifunctional software-defined radio chip designed for small satellite applications

    6. TRMPC Attitude Control Algorithm for Precise Pointing of Small Satellites

    7. Satellite intercommunication between the nanosatellite "AzTechSat-1" and the satellites constellation of Globalstar.

    8. DEFIANT: Supporting Small Satellite Constellations Through Rapid Development and Customization

    9. The Exo-Brake as an Inexpensive Means of Achieving Targeted De-orbit from Low Earth Orbit – Recent Flight Experience and Future Applications

    10. Neural Nets use for satellite telemetry analysis in application for KazSTSAT mission

    11. From Cubesats to Microsats standardization: reducing costs by generating a scale economy

    12. Additive Manufacturing in Low Earth Orbit within a 1U Cube Satellite