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  • session 9-GTS.5
  • 9-GTS.5. Small Satellite Missions Global Technical Session


    1. Risk Management and Flight Assurance for SmallSat Mission Success

    2. Addressing Complexities and Overcoming Challenges for New CubeSat Missions

    3. New Satellite’s Assembly, Integration and Testing Facility in United Arab Emirates

    4. Setting the Standard for the 6U Internet-of-Things CubeSat Platform: Design and In-Orbit Performance.

    5. PW-Sat2 satellite lessons learned

    6. Motivation and Development Path for a Fully Autonomous Small Satellite Inspector

    7. Scotland to Space - Skyrora Ltd.

    8. Ionic Neutron Content Analyzer: System design of a student built 3U cubesat

    9. Conceptual Design of an Electrical Power Supply Sub-System Supporting Earth Observation Missions on Small Satellites by Introducing Synergies with the Propulsion Sub-System

    10. Simulation and Selection of Detumbling Algorithms for a 3U CubeSat

    11. IBIS, a true digital Sunsensor in a package.

    12. Assessing the impact of applying modular systems on the spacecraft thermal design

    13. mechanical configuration of khalifasat

    14. diy satellites: applications for citizen space

    15. Swarm robotics based Cubesats for Removing Large Space Junk in Low Earth Orbit