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  • 2. Contribution of Space Activities to Solving Global Societal Issues


    1. Space Activities Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in Africa and Latin America

    2. Translating national space ambitions into actions: The UAE Space Strategy 2030

    3. Fostering the understanding of how space contributes to solving global challenges: the ESA catalogue

    4. The International Space Station as a Platform for Addressing Sustainability and Global Societal Issues

    5. The UK International Partnership Programme- a unique approach to demonstrating "Space for Sustainable Development"

    6. Continuing Progress toward the Moon Village

    7. Cultural Significance of Our Moon

    8. Incorporating Sustainability into Rationales for Lunar Settlement: Addressing Global Challenges through Lunar Sustainability Goals

    9. Space technology and applications to revolutionize the energy sector: lessons learned from international management

    10. Benefits from Space Research – Focus in Health and Well being – a multi-disciplinary research program proposal

    11. Thriving In and From Space for All Humankind

    12. Vision 2020 Then and Now: An International View of the Future

    13. The über-connected society – threat and chance - for next generation space based systems in support to global Megatrends

    14. Space and the City: Lessons from the Future