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  • 7. Remediation of Space Debris: A Fundamental Legal Challenge?


    1. Space Debris: Between Unity and Fragmentation – Risk as a Static Principle with Dynamic Outcomes

    2. Out into the Dark: Removing Space Debris from the Geostationary Orbit

    3. Suggestions for a framework for prospective legal and technological interventions with regard to space debris as a path to a resolution to the problematique.

    4. The path to establishing an effective framework for space debris remediation on the basis of mitigation: legal proposals resulting from the technical results of the ReDSHIFT project

    5. Space debris remediation by establishing a new civil structure and regulations for space activities

    6. Proposal of Governmental Compensation for damages in orbital activities especially for Space Debris Removal

    7. Applicability of Precautionary Principle and Precautionary Approach Relating to Space Debris Remediation

    8. The law for more effective assistance, reconstruction and damage repair in the event of disasters caused by space objects or natural disasters.

    9. On-Orbit Servicing/Active Debris Removal: legal and insurance considerations

    10. Remediation through use of artificial intelligence - legal challenges

    11. The Legal Framework for Space Debris Remediation