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  • 8. Interactive Session on Space Propulsion


    1. Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen-Air Combustion Reaction Flows in Propulsion Systems

    2. les of kerosene spray combustion in rbcc ramjet/scramjet mode

    3. Effect of secondary fuel injection on combustion instability in a model ramjet combustor using V-gutter type flame holder

    4. Investigation of mechanical chocking aided ignition and flame stability in RBCC ramjet modal

    5. Micropropulsion Developments at AIT

    6. The potential and ion velocity distribution in Hall thrusters

    7. Mission Design for a SEP Mission to Saturn

    8. Application of Solar Electric Propulsion to Outer Planet Space Missions

    9. experimental study on self-pulsation of a gas/liquid swirl coaxial injector in high pressure environment

    10. The study on the prinple of pasty propellant motor and verification test

    11. Examination for Up-grade of Upper-stage Rocket Engines

    12. The Study of Initial Flow Characteristics for Al-gelled Propellants

    13. Development of ignition systems for 200 N and 500 N thrusts with ecologically-clean propellants 94-percent HTHP + kerosene and oxygen (gas) + kerosene


    15. the flow process of solid propellant irradiated by transient heat flow

    16. The study of ageing and life prediction of composite propellant motors

    17. Investigation on Green Propellant Engine Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Different Hypergolic Fuels