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  • 1.A. Space Structures - Development and Verification "Spacecrafts & Components"


    1. Investigation on the Strength and Vibration Safety of a Liquid Rocket Turbopump

    2. Parametric Instability of Pressurized Propellant Tanks

    3. Spin forming of XXL bulkheads for large cryo tanks

    4. CFRP Infusion Processing on Large-Scale Cylindrical Structures

    5. The outline of HTV structural design and verification

    6. Postbuckling Failure Behaviors of Hat-Stiffened Composite Panles with Different Bonding Methods

    7. Topology Optimization of Cylindrical Structures in Propellant Tank for Buckling Load and Low Weight

    8. Structural Design and Developme,nt of ISOGRID Cylinder for Propellant Tank

    9. Transient heat-transfer analysis for sub-scale nozzle

    11. Dynamic Testing of Insulation Foam Impact against Rigid Body