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  • I. Interactive Session on Astrodynamics


    1. Attitude Control System For SSETI ESMO

    2. Comparative Study of Passive and Active Attitude Control of a Microsatellite

    3. Optimal Attitude Control of an Accompanying Satellite Orbiting around the Space Station

    4. Control Of Leader-follower Spacecraft Formation Using Coupling Between Attitude And Translation

    5. Parametric Study of Deployment of Short and Medium Length Space Tethers

    6. Multiple Dynamic Rendezvous – A Benchmark Problem for Hybrid Optimal Control

    7. Orbit Selection For Low Cost Remote Sensing Mission

    8. Developing A Bayesian Model Comparison Method For Analysis Of Force Models

    9. Autonomous Docking Of Small Satellites In Large Space-structure Construction

    10. Transfer Orbits To/from The Lagrangian Points In The Restricted Four-body Problem

    11. A Study On Measurement-updated IMU Based Autonomous Navigation For Lunar Soft Landing

    12. ESA’s Guidance, Navigation, and Control Development Environment for Launch Vehicles

    13. Translunar Abort Trajectories for the Orion Spacecraft

    14. Regional High Resolution Observation Using A Special Sunsynchronous Orbit With Critical Inclination

    15. Attitude Maneuvering Of Pico-satellites Based On Reconfigurable Intelligent Controls

    16. Thermal Effects On A Long Tether