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  • 2. Structures for Space Education


    1. Sciences education with Planète Sciences: a squadron of tools and programmes to go on space conquest

    2. Space education in Estonia

    3. PolarEduSpace project. The researcher and satellite bringing polar science into the classroom

    4. The Space Academy programme - a strategic STEM partnership

    5. From Vision to Implementation -- NASA's Education Framework and Real World Application

    6. Sustainable Space Education Resources and Teacher Support Across the Classroom for all Teachers

    7. Spaceward Bound as a Template for a "Train-the-Trainers" Approach to Astrobiology Space Science Education.

    8. Involvement of industry in educational satellite projects

    9. Innovative European Educational Outreach Programmes in Space Field

    10. Short Courses at University Level as an Inspiration Form

    11. Main Results of a “Permanent Human Moon Base” Project Work Activity 2006-2007

    12. Mapping Space Based Systems Engineering Curriculum to NASA-Industry Developed Competencies for Improved Organizational Performance

    13. the development of masters programs in space science and technology in northern sweden

    14. Virtual Space Academy

    15. Using Data and Analyses to Assess NASA Education Programs and Guide Programmatic Decision-Making

    16. The Needs of a Global Student Association for Space Projects