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  • 2. Is Space R&D Truly Fostering A Better World For Our Future?


    1. What horticulture and space exploration can learn from each other: the Mission to Mars initiative in the Netherlands

    2. Sustainability versus Exponential Growth in In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Research Agendas

    3. Private Sector Empowerment for Domestic Long-Term Sustainable Space Development

    4. The New Global Governance in the Aerospace Industry: New technological capabilities in Brazil, China and Canada

    5. Space Technology with Systems Theory – Benefit to Society

    6. Space R&D to enhance live in emerging space countries in Africa and Latin America

    7. Increase Quantum Computing Technology Readiness Level through experimentation in space

    8. Analysis and perspectives of the space sector in public policy of science, technology and innovation in Mexico: recommendations from young students and professionals

    9. Value generation through public procurement of innovative Earth Observation applications: service-dominant logic perspective

    10. The Business-Oriented Advanced Technology Luxembourg Space Resources Research Center (LS2RC)

    11. Roadmap to responsible and sustainable building on Mars

    12. Women, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the R&D Investment to Improve the Aerospace Technology in the Developing World. Case Study: El Salvador and Gender Equality

    . Contributions of Space Activities to Solving Global Social Issues