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  • I. Interactive Session on Space Systems


    1. SAGES Advice: Apollo and Shuttle Mentors for the Constellation Program

    2. Mapping the Uncharted Water of using Commercial GEO Platforms for Scientific Payloads

    3. Comparative Analysis of Payload Capabilities of Different Variants of Spacecraft Orbital Injection

    4. Orbital Systems Architecture Plateau : between Specification, Technical Design and Programmatics

    5. EPSILON: an Innovative Fast Development Satellite

    6. Experimental Plan of Remote Synchronization System of Onboard Crystal Oscillators Using Quasi-Zenith Satellites

    7. Flexible High-Performance PPC On-Board Computer Architecture based on Silicon-on-Insulator Technology

    8. The Future Role of Data Architecture in Space Exploration

    9. Cost Reduction And Efficiency Improvements Streamlining The Design Process Of A Space Mission Via STARMAD (Space Tool For Advanced & Rapid Mission Analysis & Design)

    10. Teaching Space Systems Verification and Validation using EyasSAT -- Adding Reality

    11. Implementing Data Presentation Layer In Testing And Simulation Environments Using XML

    12. Upper Stage Test Equipment of Korea Space Launch Vehicle-I

    13. Hardware-in-the-Loop Test for Argo GPS Receiver