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  • 1. International Cooperation in Earth Observation Missions


    1. CEOS Activities Supporting Global Earth Observations

    2. India's Earth Observation Missions: Traversing through experiences of Bilateral, Regional and International Cooperation

    3. International Cooperation in Earth Observations: An Exploration of Motivations

    4. The EADS Astrium Experience of International Cooperation

    5. First Metop Satellite in Orbit Start of the EPS Mission

    6. Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Missions (IRS) – Reliable and Long-term Source of Spatial Data in Global Geospatial Markets

    7. Contributions and Plans of Canadian RADARSAT-1 Mission

    8. Online Catalogue of World-wide Test Sites for the Post-Launch Characterization and Calibration of Optical Sensors

    9. ISRO-CNES SARAL Mission