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  • I. Interactive Session on Earth Observation


    1. COVERLAND : an Innovative Access to Space Imagery

    2. The One Meter Shop Concept: e-CORCE

    3. Defining Optimum Narrow Bands and Band-Widths for Agricultural Applications

    4. The EnMAP Hyperspectral Imager – A Satellite for An Advanced Earth Observation mission

    5. A European Mission For Continuity Of The Spot Family

    6. Astrosat 250 : A New Generation Satellite Class In The EADS Astrium Earth Observation Portfolio

    7. The Spacebus-L Satellite Family For LEO Missions Missions

    8. ELMOS: Electric and Magnetic field Observation Satellite

    9. The Atmosphere-Space Interactions MONITOR (ASIM) Payload Facility on the ISS

    10. A High Performance Earth Observation Small Satellite Platform

    11. Improving Livelihood for the Rural Poor in India: Addressing the “First Mile” problem through EO

    12. Urban Feature Extraction From High-resolution Images

    13. Implementation of a Rapid Prototyping Capabilities System for Earth Science Applications

    14. The Challenges and Prospects of Introducing Space Based Precision Farming for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

    15. Using Satellite InSAR To Measure The Response Of Ice Caps To Climate Change

    16. High Performance PAN Camera for Demanding Space Applications

    17. Metop A in-orbit commissioning

    18. Advanced Concepts for Remote Sensing Satellites