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    1. Cognitive effects of star-field rotating background : An ERP study

    2. negative thinking and communication in isolation, confinement, sleep deprivation

    3. Ergonomic Design of the Display Interface for Manually Controlled Rendezvous and Docking

    4. The basic cognitive characteristics study of 2 subjects in 30 days simulated space confined environment

    5. Effects of Tai Chi training on EEG spectrum power during sleep deprivation in a narrow and sealed environment

    6. HI-SEAS: A long-duration human spaceflight analog in Hawaii

    7. Attenuated Alerting and Less Effective Executive Functioning after Three Night’s Sleep Deprivation

    8. Influence of short arm centrifugation on EEG during tilt table testing

    9. Restoring healthy heart dynamics through attention regulation: a new approach to cardiac adaptability

    11. A new index for morphological measurement of finger Photoplethysmogram during -6° head-down bed rest

    12. Biochemical evidences on youngsters being best astronaut candidates

    13. The Design of instrument for detecting microorganisms in spacecraft with PCR biochip and EMCCD camera



    16. New opportunities to expand knowledge about countermeasure development for future long duration space missions and life science experiments using the next generation short arm centrifuge :enviFuge

    17. Recreating the Spacebike: An Earth-Based Analogue of an Artificially Induced Gravitational Environment

    18. p53 induces cell death by autophagy following irradiation

    19. Physiological Characterization of a Compact Short Radius Centrifuge Artificial Gravity Test Platform

    20. Progress in the Design of a Magnetic Resonance Imager for Spaceflight

    21. Physiological Assessment of the Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit during Exercise

    22. On-Board Analysis — Why? —

    23. Expression profile of DNA damage signaling genes in 2 Gy proton exposed mouse brain.

    24. Mitochondrial genome mutations after 24 hrs of proton radiation

    25. Transcription factor activation in human cells exposed to space related ionizing radiation

    26. Estimate the Control Principle of Radiation Effect in Space Environment for an Interplanetary Human Space Mission

    27. the mechanism of astrocyte’s resistant to rays

    28. apoptosis and inflammatory responses in different brain regions of rats induced by heavy ion radiation and dragon-1’s protective effect

    29. possible role of space and primitive earth environment in chemical evolution and origins of life

    30. Cyanobacteria: a model for studying survival of terrestrial life in lunar base environments

    31. microfluidic chip for microorganism detection

    32. the research on the surface passivating treatment of noa81 microfluidic gene amplification chip

    33. Multifunctional Enzyme Is A Smart Solution For Early Life

    34. Polycondensation of N-phosphoalanine and peptide formation at the interface

    35. The origin study of amino-acid homochirality by theoretical model and hydrothermal material analysis

    36. The biological,chemical and physical roles of “Earth’s Orbital Chirality” in space-time

    37. N-Phosphoryl Amino Acids as Small Chemical Models for Study of the Genetic Code Origin

    38. mirror symmetry breaking in the synthesis of cis-[CoBr(NH3)(en)2]Br2

    39. Microbiological Genetic Inventory within the NASA Ames Research Center High Bay Cleanroom

    40. Two highly sensitive and selective colorimetric “off–on” rhodamine-based fluorescent chemosensor for divalent mercuric ion detection

    41. Development and applications of EVA Spacesuit Testing Chamber

    42. Oxygen Generation System on the basis of Electrolysis of an Alkali Aqueous Solution

    43. Effects of long-term hypobaria and hypoxia on the growth and nutrition of lettuce

    44. Development status of one membrane based separator for space oxygen generation system

    45. Microbial characterization of the humidity condensate water onboard “Shenzhou-9” manned spacecraft in China

    46. Research on Urine Processor Assembly Precipitation Control Design

    47. Study on the change characteristics of the trace organic contaminant in the 2-men and 30-days CELSS experiment

    48. Gas Chromatography-Ion Mobility Spectrometry Instrument for Analyzing Volatile Organic Compounds in Enclosed Atmosphere of Spacecrafts

    49. discussion on control technique for microbes in life support high pressure gas supply system of space station

    50. an experimental study on humidity condensate reclamation for manned space flight

    51. Design of oxygen generation assembly for space station

    52. investigation on the electro-catalytic oxidation and photo-catalytic oxidation of hygienic wastewater for long-term space flights

    53. Comprehensive Optimization of the EVA Spacesuit CCHP System

    54. Mass and Consumable Loss Analysis of EVA Spacesuit CCPO System

    55. gait analysis for martian exploration

    56. accurate control of moisture content in plant root zone in space

    57. when hibernation is exploited in human during space travel,immune system function would be reduced seriously

    58. Altered gravity as a tool for tissue engineering: implications on proliferation and differentiation of a neuronal model

    59. Hypergravity enhances Lipofectamine-mediated transfection of NIH/3T3 cells

    60. Research on two types of polysaccharides against lymphocytes immunosuppression in simulated microgravity environment.

    61. Tail suspension Disrupts Cognition Function and Down-regulates Learning-related Protein Expression in Rat Hippocampus

    62. the effect of spaceflight on drosophila energy metabolism and gene expression.

    63. Effects of Hypergravity on Osteopontin Expression in Osteoblasts

    64. The SIMBOX Experiment System: A Turn-key Development Approach to Life Science Experiments

    65. Studies on culture and osteogenic induction of human mesenchymal stem cells in a CO2-independent condition

    66. Applications of microgravity technology for studying cellular development and three dimensional tissue formations

    67. Design and realization of SPR biochemical sensing and detecting system in space

    68. simulated microgravity inhibits the contractile response of rat femoral arteries—role of endothelial and VSM PI3K

    69. The Microgravity Centre - A pioneering, multidisciplinary space life sciences research facility

    70. NASA's Human Research Program Planning for International Collaboration and the Year-Long ISS Mission

    71. analysing content of the volatile organic compound(voc) for a type of rubber used in the crew module of manned spacecraft

    72. Example study highlighting problematics of the effects of high G flight on untrained commercial passenger.

    73. Effects of different hypergravity on platelet functions and thrombus formation

    74. Mechanostimulation of the support zones of the soles evokes the stepping movements in humans under supportless conditions