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    1. Reducing Launch Costs – The Legal Basis of Aerial and Suborbital Satellite Launches.

    2. Reconsideration of Patent Rights: A Reality Check for Outer Space Inventions

    3. Public System of Ownership for Galileo Satellites: Issues of Responsibility, Liability and Registration

    4. Law & Policy Collide in Space

    5. The potential commercialization of China’s space station and its relevance to space law

    6. Distinguishing On-Orbit Jurisdiction from Space Traffic Management in the American regulatory context

    7. Policy Implications from the 4th ISU SSP Mars Treatymaking Workshop

    8. Investment Protections for Space Mining Operations: ensuring the benefits of space for all

    9. Satellite jamming, human rights protection and national security


    11. Making an exception in the international law on the weaponization of space for the mitigation of NEOs. An Arms Race in Space?

    12. Cooperation among BRICS in space matter: a review of Brazilian agreements

    13. Space Law and Human Rights: The Future in its Convergence

    14. the relationship between appropriation and ownership in the context of international space law

    15. The mineral rights in outer space mining

    16. legal challenges of cyber security in space

    17. applicable normative to international space criminal law

    18. Commercialisation of Remote Sensing Activities: A Need for an international Treaty

    19. the impact of space related non governmental organisations in developing space law and policy and space exploration

    20. asteroid mining: the law awakens

    21. National Space Law: the case of France and New Challenges for Space Activities

    22. State Responsibility and Liability in Space Law vis a vis General International Law

    23. Asteroid Mining & Its Legal Implications

    24. Shaping a Legal System for China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

    25. Legality of Non-cooperative Satellite Removal

    26. The U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act and the Outer Space Treaty: A contradiction or a lacuna?

    27. Is non-existence of a treaty equal to ineffective treaty? An Examination on the Application of the Moon Agreement

    28. the u.s. space act of 2015 and the private international law: from intellectual property rights to property rights in space

    29. New Implications of Lunar Exploitation and Moon Agreement

    30. Legal Approach to the Exploitation of Natural Resources of the Asteroid by the Non-Governmental Sector: an Analysis from the Perspective of China

    31. A New Era for Spacefaring Nations: Mining the Way to a Doctrinal Resolution to Property Rights in Space

    32. Mining in Outer Space: Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Property Rights (Un-)Reconciled

    33. Unpredictable Future? ----The Principle in Outer Space Treaty on Space Resources Mining and National Commercial Space Legislation

    34. Patents in Outer Space: An Approach to the Legal Framework of Future Inventions

    35. small satellites leo constellations: adaptation of the regulatory regime and development perspectives

    36. the environmental impact of space tourism: a legal guideline